Do you have any idea about the voice Google searches?

Is it the future of SEO industry?

Well, nowadays people prefer voice search via their mobile rather than typing. This is the simple way to search anything via search Google. Voice search is an advanced technology that allows you search anything over internet using your voice and a smart device. SEO experts and companies have started taking voice search seriously and they have started working over it. Voice search is now a key determining factor in your Search Engine Optimization efforts. More than 50% searches would be made via voice in future. Every business and brand should be voice search optimized as there are so many good reasons to do so.

Voice search has gained popularity:

Some of the biggest and top technology providers have developed virtual assistants which are voice enabled. Adaptation and utilization of such devices have risen and people have started using voice as query input medium. Most of the searches across android devices and Google app are currently voice. This is going to impact the search industry in big way.


Voice Search: Best Medium of interaction with search engines:

People avoid typing words in search box and prefer talking into Google Home, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon Echo and many more such digital assistants. People have these digital assistants in their pockets in the form of installed app in their smart devices. Way of searching queries has changed means the search industry has also impacted.

Future internet searches will be voice searches?

All households all across the world will have smart speaker in future?

This may be happen as many of the online sources, blogs and reports indicate that voice searches will be more popular.


Long tail Keyword Conversion:

It also boosts your long tail keyword conversion. Instead of typing long questions in search boxes, people prefer to use voice search option for longer search queries like “which is the perfect cafe in Delhi and how far it is from Delhi airport”. This long search will be quite easier via voice search so people choose it over typing. People have started asking long questions rather than typing few keywords in the search box.

Voice search is going to impact search queries. Now there will be more questions like “who/what, how, where and when”. People will ask more questions and local searches will be more. It is really going to change the people’s way to search anything via search engines.

This is like an alarming sign and digital marketers should accept the fact and focus on voice search optimization.

Few Voice search optimization tips:

  • Mobile optimised site:

If you are a business owner or digital marketing firm that wants to boost SEO then you make sure your business website should be mobile optimized. If you don’t have it, you are already behind.

  • Include broad match keywords:

You have to expand your search campaign by including broad match keywords as people are going to ask questions to the search engines as we mentioned above “where/what/who/how”.

  • Include questions

You need to include all the questions who/what/where/when/how and you need to optimize them separately as they have separate value. These questions should include all the relevant keywords in natural way.

  • Create FAQ style content

You need to be listed in local properties like yelp and much more. You need to create FAQ style content for the search engine optimization perspective. It will have question and answer that may resolve the query of the user and he/she will find it useful. You should have clear and precise answer of each and every single query to win the race of rankings.

It is also very important to understand the speak searches are very different and search optimisation needs a great shift when it comes to product categorization or content creation. It will also impact keyword research as voice searches are mostly focused on questions. Keywords will be structured around questions. Voice search optimization is going to be in demand soon.

Hope you like the post, do comment if you have any query regarding voice search optimization and its future.


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