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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

What is SMM ?

Social media marketing SMM has crossed the fancy period and have become an essential tool for the current crop of companies. With 2.3 billion active users all over the globe, it is a centre of attraction for the companies to have their mark in this space.

Every kind of business big or small are lured by the potential that social media market carries now and the way it is growing. Just a few days ago, not many were expecting such phenomenon, but with the kind of tremendous growth it promises, everyone is swearing by it. The situation is that few times from now, it will be like - If you are not on Social media, your survival may be affected.

What is SMO?

For increasing the visibility and getting your brand popular among the masses, it becomes crucial that you have a proper SMO strategy in place. It is also necessary to tap the potential leads from your target audience on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and others. These leads can be converted to higher sales numbers easily.

SMO however, stands for Social Media Optimisation. Engaging in SMO means investing in optimal ways to configure all of your social media assets on the Internet, making them complement each other. This will help in sending the right kind of cues for your customers and the search engine alike. Efficient use of social media can prove to be one of the greatest assets for improving the rankings of your website in the search lists. SMO is akin to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)> as they are oriented towards increasing the traffic to your website. But they are also quite different from each other and utilise quaint techniques to achieve their means. SMO is extremely beneficial for those keen marketers who want to expand beyond complex Google algorithms to ensure that their ranking steps up in search listicles.

SMO helps in SMM

SMO on the other hand is considered to be the next big thing in the area of marketing, and it is a substantially important building block of any marketing strategy. You would agree that sales is one of the core functionalities of any firm. The important web traffic generated on your social media pages or accounts can be driven to your website, creating a buzz around your product or services and attracting the social publicity too. Being familiar with SMM, it becomes imperative now to optimise your social media profiles in accordance with SMO strategies so that you can drive traffic to your websites.

Being familiar with SMM, it becomes imperative now to optimise your social media profiles in accordance with SMO strategies so that you can drive traffic to your websites.

Important points to ask before making your business presence on the social media :

  • ● Why would people be interested in your social media campaign ?
  • ● What is the trick to convert your users into leads and into business ?
  • ● How to evaluate the degree of success of your campaign ?
  • We at OITSPL have all the workable answers to all the above points for you. The knowledge and the experience play an important role in getting the right results and OITSPL has obvious advantage for this. We make sure that your brand name has an increased visibility which helps generate more leads and turn your customers to consumers.

    Followings are ensured if SMM SMO done in a proper way :

  • ● Builds a stronger Web presence.
  • ● Generates Potential Leads
  • ● Engages with your customers to share information about your product or services.
  • ● 24x7 support from the customer support team
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