Types of e-commerce

E-commerce has become the popular term and it means the transaction of goods and services over the internet. Buying and selling goods/services by using the internet is internet commerce/ electronic commerce. There are different types of electronic commerce and we have mentioned them below:


1  Business to business

If we talk about this e-commerce category, then it refers to each and every e-transaction of goods/services conducted between companies. It means this is strictly between the manufacturers/producers of the goods and wholesalers. You can also define it as a company sells its products/goods to another company. This B2B e-commerce category does not involve final consumers. This is only about retailers, wholesalers and producers/manufacturers. 


2  Business to consumer

This sort of e-commerce business is associated with consumers and businesses. The company sells its products/good directly to the customers via online means. Nowadays, e-commerce websites offer an easy and open access to the end-users. Consumers can directly buy goods like financial products, food, cars, shoes, books, software and computers from companies or e-commerce websites/webshops. Consumers can easily explore these online stores to look at the reviews and product descriptions and pictures. They can find and buy products online easily. Jabong, Amazon, Myntra and many such online stores can be a good example that denotes B2C e-commerce category.


3  consumer to consumer

There is no involvement of any company and consumer can directly deal with other consumers. It is an easy mode that allows people to sell their goods or products directly to interested buyers. OLX, Quikr and many such sites follow the C2C e-commerce model. These transactions take place between consumers and conducted through websites like Craigslist and Facebook marketplace too.


4  consumer to business

In this type of e-commerce category, electronic transactions take place between consumer and company. Consumer makes his/her product available for business to buy like graphic designer, website developer, logo designer, product photographer and more.


5  consumer to administration

This category is all about the electronic transactions that take place between public administration and companies. It refers to many services like legal documents, employment and social security.


These are the common categories of e-commerce. If you want to start your own business then you need to know all about electronic e-commerce and how it works. Hope you like the post, do comment if you have any query regarding e-commerce and its different categories. 



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