Did You Know About Google Plus Going To Shut Down Permanently?

Yes, you heard it right! Google has decided to shut down Google+ due to its low popularity among users. So, after April 2nd, 2019, people using Google+ plus for their personal use cannot access it as all the account will get deleted and the pages will shut down.

What Can You Expect?

If you have noticed, users cannot create a new Google+ profiles, pages communities, or events from February 4th of this year. It is due to the decision by Google to stop the services. But, people with an existing account can still access the pages till April. So, if you have photos, videos, or albums stored in Google+, it is time you download it and save for your future. You cannot access the albums later as all consumer Google+ accounts will become invalid after April.

As the deletion process can take some time, you can see the contents for a few months more.

  • If you are a Google+ community moderator or owner, you need to save the data you have stored. Google will help access the additional data for download from early March. So, you can easily download and save photos posted in the public community.
  • Bloggers and users who comment on other people’s blog using Google+ need to know the feature will no longer exist. The features will get deleted from other sites by March 7th while it will get removed from Blogger after February 4th. Google plans to delete all the comments on the other sites from April 2nd.
  • Unfortunately, Google plus going to shut down permanently means you cannot sign into other sites or apps using it. But, don’t worry Google will provide you with the Google sign-in button for accessing the sites. So, you can still access the apps as well as sites with the Google Account.
  • If you have G Suite account, then contact your G suite administrator to get more information. But, the G Suite account will remain active with Google trying to enhance its appeal with a new look and enticing new features.

Reasons For Google Plus Going To Shut Down Permanently

Social media is a hot platform for exchanging information and connecting with people. But, we saw the demise of Orkut first and now Google+. Remember, Google introduced its social network, Google+ to give tough competition to Facebook. Unfortunately, it failed in appealing to the users. The ill-fated attempt saw low usage and several security problems. It suffered a major data leak in March 2018, which affected 500,000 accounts. Google decided to shut the services in August, but preponed it due to the discovery of the bug in November 2018. The bug gave several apps access to private information.

Google Plus going to shut down permanently may not affect you at all. Many of you have no Awareness at all that you have a Google+ page. The product never really connected with people. So, its demise also may not cause any ripples.


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