What are PBN links and Is it beneficial for SEO?

Every business is trying to establish its presence in the cyberspace by ranking high in the google results. Today, new techniques get introduced that promises to help the websites with good search engine optimization results. Does every one of them work? It is questionable. One such technique is the PBN links.

So What Exactly is PBN Links?

PBN stands for Private Blog Network. It is the current trend sweeping the internet that helps any business site to gain higher ranks. It is the network that has several authoritative websites, which a help a business site to get backlinks. It builds links to the business website with the sole purpose of getting more visibility by ranking high in the SERPs (search engine pages). Nowadays a business website is a money-making machine as it can reach more customers and help the business grow. So, it comes under the black hat SEO techniques, which is the go-to link building technique for a business website. The PBNS or the PBN sites are the part of the private blog network but are not linked with each other. So, the websites in the network have no relation to each other. It appears as natural links as no website links the other website in the network.

How Does It Work?

The group of sites involved in the network are either expired or sold off. The web domain remains even after the expiration. So, the business websites can purchase such domains from sale or auction. It is linked to the business site to ensure the business website gets the trust and authority.

Benefits Of Using It

Though it is black hat SEO, it has several benefits that tempt the business organizations to invest in them. Some of the top positive features are:

  • It helps a business website trying to gain an upper hand against its competitor by enhancing the ranks in the Google search. So, the better visibility will help the business reach more customers.

  • In the highly competitive market, it helps the business organization create a niche. It will aid in the visibility campaign with the high-quality backlinks.

Every business website aims to target more customers to record good growth, sales, and subscribers. So, the backlinks can reach a large customer group. It will result in increased traffic to the website from the search engine results.

Is It Beneficial For SEO?

Although it has several positive effects, the private blog networks is more complicated to execute. The creation, effective use, and maintaining the domain is complicated. From an SEO point of view, it is against the Google guidelines. It is difficult to make the different websites look independent from the business website. Some of the other reasons that make it bad for the SEO are:

  • The main issue is the high cost of developing and marinating the network. Even with getting the domains from auctions, it will cost high to acquire and maintain a good domain.

  • The high-quality private blog networks can help a website rank higher in the search results. But, many networks lack quality and have safety issues. So, it does not last for a long span of time. The backlinks with little/no effect cause a website more harm than anything good.

  • The link come under black SEO practice, so it is unnatural. The Google search engine frowns on the use of the unnatural tactics. The practice may offer instant results leading to many business websites opting for it to enhance their web visibility. But, it gives more bad results than good.

  • Google can penalize the business website using the private blog networks. Google has filters to detect the presence of such networks resulting in severe penalty. So, it can result in getting banned from appearing in the search results. It will cause the website to lose its web presence leading to customer loss.

Google gives importance to the good content strategy compared to the instant backlinks. The only guideline Google offers with regards to ranking is about the Ad Words. As the Ad Words contributes to the major revenue, the Google refrains from divulging more information. So, how to know the effects of private blog networks? Get the guidance from a trusted and reliable platform to know more about it and take the right decision about the business website.


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