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Online Examination System

OMNI –ONLINE EXAMS is theultimate solution for 
Institutes, Schools, Colleges, Tutors/ Trainers, Professionals and Corporate HR Executives

The main features are 

Special  Features:

Helps to conduct exams at short notice, 
No need to arrange for teachers to invigilate, 
No need of space to block room for the exam, 
No need to print question papers or to have answer sheets. 
Conduct the exam at Anytime, Anywhere& for anyone, that's the power of the system. 


Additional features :

Manage single unit or multi branch schools/ institutes it is inbuilt in the sytem. 
Easy to create exam papers, assign date & time for an exam and 
Easy to appear for candidates
Easy to check the exam results

The Online Examination system can be useful for not just conducting tests but can also be utilized as a tool for training and learning purposes.

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