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Point of Sales

For places where sales are executed at any level, such as malls (cash counters) or in a shops at market/ city.

People need to have an effective POS system.

The major use of modern POS system is to automate routine processes and provide accurate reports or track important sales data for concrete decision- making. From the angle of a retailer, POS is said to be a place where the customer completes and processes their transactions.

What can you do with a POS system?

  • ● Helps to analyse your overall sales data. Explains how well the items are faring on your marketplaces, so that you can adjust purchasing levels according to your needs.
  • ● Maintains a history records of sales and purchases data, for taking right buying decisions for seasonal purchases and so on.
  • ● Improvise the pricing accuracy by integrating bar-code scanners and credit card authorisation abilities.
  • ● Fast Billing, Integrated Shipping along with end-to-end Inventory Management
  • ● Automates your ordering process by creating your purchase orders in time, to make sure your customers never run out of the products.
  • ● To provide better buying experience to your customers.
  • ● Helps you to track price accuracy, gross profits/ loss etc., besides looking into the consumer behaviour while buying your products.
  • ● Know your ROI (Return on Investment).
  • Benefits of POS ?

  • ● Increases functionality & ease of buying for the consumers, thru card & barcode readers.
  • ● Time-Saving is indeed one of the most beneficial facets for customer as well as the merchant. By reducing human resource needs and minimising errors.
  • POS System is a great way to increase impulse purchases from customers by giving attractive offers or loyalty bonus etc.
  • ● Helps improve customer services and in turn, build a loyal customer base for the merchant.
  • ● Point of Sale Technology comes with a combination of POS hardware as well as POS software
  • ● The maintenance & repair costs are often much lower with a POS system device than a cash register.
  • OITSPL provides you with the latest and technically advanced POS systems with all features that cater, end-to-end solutions. We ensure that our clients don’t face any hassles while using the software. Industry-specific POS packages are available. We can also tailor and customize the solutions to your needs.

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