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Other Online Promos

Other Online Promos

As the Digital marketing concept is gaining popularity amongst businesses all over, people are coming up with innovative methods to market their products and services.  Today they are even building their brands thru various other online promos on the internet as under :

Email Marketing

In the modern times of marketing strategies, E-mail marketing is one of the topmost tool used for promotions.  People using it have practically recognized the role it played in increasing their business sales.  Ease of use with virtually zero cost & to swiftly reach a wider range of clientele, is what makes it so popular.  
One can use it for promotional offers; season clearance sales; at launch of new products or event.  Email could be simple as a text message or can use nice pictures/ cartoons/ videos as an effective communication tool to impact the readers better.

E-mail marketing Services smartly puts multiple strategies to reach out to the desired market segment.  OITSPL provides the services eg. customizing letters for your clients by showcasing variety of past samples that were hit amongst the masses sent as bulk mails.  However, sending bulk mails to unknown recipients comes under spamming which is highly banned and people are even fined heavily for such offences as there are very strict rule for preventing spam.

OITSPL strictly follows the business code of ethics.  Rule of  law is followed properly, an option to exit out of the list is given clearly for all those who do not want to receive such promotional mails.
Thru email marketing tool you can attach custom online forms to even sign up people as member on your online business portal as an unique way  to directly increase customers or users.
Beauty of mail is that it comfortably sits in the in box of the recipient in an non intrusive manner. However as the technology has improved, it even generates reports such as if the customer opened the mail or not, if duplicate mail was sent, gives tracking of a mail as to when it was sent last etc. Many more such features make this as a lethal tool for marketer. You can get the feedback from your users and know about their mood or taste on any subject. Your mail can feature with a personal touch along with all the business info as per the times or occasions. It is highly effective in tapping and influencing the new  prospects as well as maintain relations with the existing ones.

OITSPL is a premier digital marketing firm based in Delhi. We are renowned for our commitment fulfillment actions to generate promised results. We are known for carrying out the targeted campaigns to increase the sales of the businesses substantially. The team OITSPL, comprises of near 100 dedicated digital marketing experts with focus to deliver the best

online promos

PPC (Pay Per Click)

It’s another cost effective way of hitting the target customers in an easy way.  The system is followed by all top major companies such as Google, Facebook and many others.

What is Pay Per Click (PPC) ?
Pay Per Click popularly called as PPC, is the process to capture  online traffic and have online visibility by buying up advertising spots on search engines based on certain keywords. It involves ‘getting to the traffic’ through paid listings on Search Engines. It generates instant results at an affordable prices, on high value keywords by Geo-targeted provisions, and custom scheduling features. The beauty why it is so popular is because advertiser has to pay only when the users click on their Ad. There’s no cost for the visibility of the advertisement.


Under this service, the advertiser has to create an account with the such companies offering Pay per click services.  Then Advertiser deposits some amount which remains with the company as buffer. Now the Advertiser creates his campaigns and sets his keywords he wants to target. There is also provision to limit the cost of each click as well as the cost of quota per day. This way advertiser can control their budget and the ad continues to run for a longer period.  The company has in place all such intelligence in the software to identify bogus clicks by many smart algorithm. So in such cases the amount is not deducted and if deducted it is sent back to the account on auto basis only.
PPC campaign is effectively utilized for new launches, events or such things. For long term promotions, people generally prefer standard SEO/ SMO promotions activities. Where the searches bring the sites organically on the top positions.

PPC ads appear on the top pages of searches hence it attracts traffic in a big way. The ad however mentions ‘Ad’ just below the campaign, making it clear that these are sponsored Ad links.

Users naturally opt for something that appears on top pages on their search for any product/ services. The chances of sales in such activity is increased by manifold.
We at OITSPL  are one of the top and successful Digital Marketing experts team, who have all the know-how of the intricacies involved in paid as well as the organic marketing with major search engines. OITSPL is one of the best Pay per Click (PPC) company in India, Delhi/NCR, Noida and Gurugram (Gurgaon).

Brand Promotion

Many Big brands today started very small but with proper promotion and appropriate steps, now they are known Brands.  Branding helps in making business easier in many ways as the brand helps connect with the consumers or the users. How you position your brand and who you target decides what kind of promotions activities are to be followed to achieve it.

We at OITSPL – are one of the top and most trusted digital marketing and brand promotion company in Delhi NCR.  We provide clear cut consulting that helps in promoting & building your brand on internet as well as offline.

Some of the prominent services that we offer under this head is Promotions, Branding , PR, Marketing and Reputation Management and more. We have enviably long list of more than thousand plus satisfied customers all over the Globe.

Online Brand Promotion Using Digital Marketing

Being quite successful & effective in Digital arena, our expertise of digital marketing gives us an edge over the market competition. Our brand promotion system uses tested digital marketing tools with the all the tips and tricks learned thru the past experiences. With this brand promotion we help build an image of the company to the targeted audience by creating high reputation.

The team is also equipped to handle objectionable comments and the damage done by some of the disgruntled users in a smart and effective way without compromising the built reputation to a great extent.

Some of the prominent work at OITSPL :
●    Planning & implementation of an effective business website
●    Handling and managing guest blogging account
●    Site optimization work SEO for top page ranking in search engines
●    Conducting PPC campaign (a Paid ad plan)
●    Conducting E-Mail marketing effectively
●    Good contents for promotion via Press Releases
●    Creating a Corporate image using ORM tools
●    Updating the team with the latest in the industry

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