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Company strongly believes in the responsibility it has for the society.
It is therefore we make sure, we sincerely contribute in whatever small way we can for this cause.

Our top management at OITSPL took a novel decision to serve from the front and not mere donate money.

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Two frontal organizations are being supported as listed below to serve for the cause of society.

computer services in delhi India World Foundation (IWF) a regd. Trust with a mission to promote world brotherly hood was founded in 2003. Our CMD Mr. Rajesh Pandey is one of the four Founders & Trustees here. The trust has spread its activities in various walks of lives of people at multiple level & multiple places. All these are achieved, purely thru initiatives taken by the core team using self resources and sincere work. The variety of activities by the trust ranges from conducting various programs for Women empowerment, Child welfare, Health & Culture and more. Promoting the rich culture & legacy of our country INDIA, thru organising events such as artists and painters competition, Closely participating in welfare services such as children health and nutrition with Unicef, medical health mela. Many such big and small activities have been ongoing feature.

restaurant billing software in delhi Smart Investors Forum (SIF) was founded in 2008 with a great vision of the top management, to empower people in general & investors in specific by making them aware of their rights & about the processes of the financial systems. SIF platform is being used for women and senior citizens in particular for making them financially independent also. Various programs have been executed to get the interested candidates trained with a sole aim to make them job ready and stand on their own feet.
The company OITSPL, is also directly contributing under it’s CSR mission, in two following ways :

  • ● Being forthwith in providing employments to physically challenged people with IT skills in two ways, in office job or work from home.
  • ● Giving Free IT & consulting services to entrepreneurs of Start up projects with a noble cause, having lack of finances.

OITSPL team has been engaging & sharing their time, expertise & manpower resources to promote the activities of these Organizations, in order to make it popular in masses. More and more People are to be made aware so that they get attracted to join the mission and strengthen it further.