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Food Delivery Solution

Fast life and hectic activities in the cities, leave scarce time for the many youngsters, couples and even families. They cannot think of cooking at home after returning back home in the evening. This need of such people gave rise to the concept of Food delivery at doorstep. Many existing & upcoming restaurants and even chains lapped up the idea and went all out, marketing it in a big way. They came up with many innovative options to lure the customers such as healthy and tasty food, home like food, Delivered hot, 24 hours availability, night food delivery and so on. People in general prefer food at home if comes easily at affordable costs.

OITSPL came up with an IT solution for the Businesses in Food sector and People, recognizing their needs.

The hotels, restaurants & such delivery outlets like to provide seamless and consistent services to their valued customers in order to enhance their functioning and increase sales.

The system has been developed by OITSPL team of professionals with exceptional expertise and years of experience. It is made flexible, considering the challenges faced by a single outlet as well as chains to sell Food products online effectively. Restaurants owner can accept the orders online and make the delivery using this web interface. It helps automate regular operations and increase sales and revenues besides capturing new customers.

The user friendly Online Food ordering system is tailored to function using the internet on web & mobile both. It helps the client collect orders on phone as well as online thru the website. The Solution can be handed over with white label ready in your own brand name. You just need to promote it nicely, to attract customers and make popular in your area. The application can manage the online order processing and delivery system also by integrating with market leaders Zomato, Swiggy, Food panda etc. OITSPL also offers this as a package deal as well, combined with consulting and support thru professionals to jumpstart the setup on some extra costs.

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Features overview of Online Food Order & delivery Systems :

  ●    Backend Dashboard
  ●    Customers List
  ●    Food Menu Management
  ●    Order Status along with history
  ●    Settings of users roles etc.
  ●    Price & deal Settings
  ●    Merchant Commission
  ●    Mailer system for customers with Email Template
  ●    Review/Ratings system
  ●    Contact Settings
  ●    Social media Settings
  ●    SEO Enabled
  ●    Analytics compatible
  ●    Customer management
  ●    Subscriptions provision given
  ●    Multiple Payment Gateway possibility
  ●    SMS Gateway integration
  ●    Single / Multi Restaurant
  ●    Order to Kitchen
  ●    Booking Summary Report

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