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Every business, whether in trading or manufacturing, Inventory is something which plays key role. Effective inventory management helps save the company from unnecessary blocking of capital in raw materials and goods. Good inventory system manages stock status in real time, tells what is to be ordered and when. Gives information on a click. Provides timely alert from expected shortages and many more things. It also alerts for delay in procurement, expiry dates or products if any and even more.

Today’s technology facilitates management with all the relevant information to their tips, in order to take decision in time effectively. The tech also helps them to go optimum by using JIT (Just in time) concept for managing inventory and keep optimum inventory levels, keep pro-active vendors, who accept order and deliver in time as specified. The whole process has become very systematic which is manageable professionally.

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People maintaining Inventory using manual methods or at the best excel sheets. But it lacks the nuanced and comprehensive features that the users need. Such as, to analyze data, get the trends in sales & supply chains, to auto update inventory records using a barcode scanner, etc. Dead and non moving inventory needs notification at the same time info about purchase order status, all this need updates in time to take decisions accordingly. These old and traditional methods may work for a small startups initially, but as soon as they scale up their business, it becomes tough to manage it.


A growing company or people with long term vision, always need an automated system, which saves from duplicity & redundancies of jobs. People need an intelligent system that gives proper reminder, which is only possible thru a professionally developed software. OITSPL inventory management is affordable and robust enough for small and midsize businesses to stay with for many years. It comes with features that are simple and easy enough for any user to understand and adapt. The system has been designed to match the processes of a small MSME & SME but could be expanded and customised for even Large Enterprises.

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