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Saloon & Beauty Parlour Solutions

Days are over, when salons were just primarily meant for hair cutting barber services. Today the new age of fashion awareness have turned such centre into a beauty enhancement and relaxation shops for men and women. It also works as a rejuvenation place due to the introduction of spa, massages and sauna etc. Such changes in the service profile, gave birth to making it a place of relaxation and fun. These places attract huge customers of all kinds from kids to youngsters to even old ones depending upon the services.

IT plays a vital role in automating the operations with many features such as customer management, appointment booking, loyalty schemes, special offers to encourage regular customer visits as well as many more.

Salon & Spa Management application from OITSPL transforms your setup into a fully functional sales register cum proactive reminder system. It itemizes every sales transaction, provide all kinds of required reports and reconciles your daily sales receipts in just a few clicks only. The application is so versatile that it takes care of all major as well as small activities that’s needed in the day to day activity of a small as a big setup.

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Prominent features to ease out general operations :

  ●    Facilitates predefine and planned customer's appointment 
  ●    Managing time for stylists along with the rooms & needed equipments.
  ●    Alerts to save perishable items or products that may reach expiry date from getting waste.
  ●    Special booking system or deals for corporate customers eg Air hostess, CEO’s etc.
  ●    POS billing for both service & products.
  ●    Provision for Yoga, physical Trainer or personal trainer services
  ●    Managing Payments with regard to advance, packages deals, multiple installments etc.
  ●    Handling customer membership card & managing royalty benefits
  ●    Accounts for incentive distribution related to staff eg main stylist and others  

OITSPL Salon and spa software application can be implemented successfully at any of the places such as beauty salon, super salon, hair salon, resort spa, destination spa, hotel spa, clubs, medi-spa, unisex salon ranging from single operator to multi-chains or franchisee with even high number of employees. It is a complete system that can help you increase profits and enhance greater efficiencies.

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