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CRM as the name reveals is nothing but a system to effectively manage all the business leads coming into any organization. We all know, to run any business, we require leads on regular basis. Getting lead is what sales and marketing team in any organization works for. But as the lead flows and volume grows, the following up process becomes more difficult, unless managed well. Vtiger CRM is a reputed open source software which works as an industry tool to help the sales team in any organization to manage leads effectively and perform better & faster sales & marketing output. Vtiger CRM grows with your growth, doesn't get obsolete as it keeps updated with the advent in technology.

CRM Development

A good CRM system helps an organization in following ways :

  ●    Track the leads.
  ●    Maintains communication records with the prospects/ customers.
  ●    Grades the lead based on it's urgency or value factor and so on.
  ●    Monitors all the activities of it's sales & marketing team members.
  ●    Produces MIS reporting system for the management.
  ●    Helps take decision for important leads in time and convert it into business.
  ●    It becomes easy to analyses the business activities and weed out non productive ones.
  ●    Increases mechanism for cost savings as well as work efficiency.

If you think that for using CRM in an organization, first you need to set it's processes in order, you are mistaken. A good CRM sets up a system in such a way, that you get into a habit of doing things in an organized way. There are several input forms that help collect data and related information from the people who work on any project in a company. These data are validated and verified automatically so that absurd and junk information could be avoided. These data help generate many vital reports for the company management. It could be on dashboard, on mobile as notifications or on email/ what'sApp etc.

The beauty of a Vtiger CRM is that it is ready with the latest updates of all regular information that is fed into it or required from it. Whether you are a small company of 4-5, a mid company having 15- 50 people team or the large ones having thousand employees, the product is a must for all. While doing sales and marketing job, it is a must to Get an instant access to the information when it is needed, CRM enables your company to do that .

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