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Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing

We all know that, marketing is the backbone of  any business, it is therefore the companies who market themselves well, gets their brand popular and know to many people. However, with the advent of Digital technology, marketing process also witnessed massive change in its approach and processes. Affiliate marketing pops up from the digital technology, making it one of the most sought after marketing system in today's time by small as well as large companies.

Digital marketing has opened up, unlimited possibilities to the marketers. Multiple social platforms got popular categorizing users on many parameters, such as FaceBook for general users, home users with household related affairs, Linkedin for Professionals, Corporate and Business users. This helps the businesses, in targeting them with specific purpose for their specific products as it becomes very easy for them to do so.  Using Affiliate marketing, it is possible to get an access to the real data of users, consumers and customers. One can make best use of the creative ideas to design multiple attractive campaigns and capture the data.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing consists of three major entities as under :

  ●    Advertisers who offer their campaigns for their products or services either directly or thru Ad network and agencies
  ●    Publishers they publish the Ads on their websites/ blogs/ mobile Apps or by any other means using whatsApp, SMS, emails         etc. amongst their channel.
  ●    Users who consume Ads by performing tasks as given or asked under the campaigns.

Power of affiliate marketing is pulling everyone towards this technology as they see the value it provides.  An Ad on TV or Paper Media may be reaching millions but may not convert into business, whereas under this new technologies performance is guaranteed. There are companies leveraging the power of affiliate marketing to generate leads and charge handsomely to the client's based on their performance and the clients are more than happy to pay for it. The value affiliate marketing provides is beyond comparison to the traditional system of marketing.

Future is clearly even more promising, as the use of AI and ML is getting popular. Days are not far away when digital technology will be even more specific. Such as offering products or services based on the taste of people or their  purchasing habits, under multiple conditions and circumstances.

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