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Case Study

OITSPL was launched in 1985 with an intent to provide IT and related services and solutions to valued clients in order to improvise business processes and increase efficiency and productivity. Our focus has always been to make sure the client gets benefited by our services in short as well as long term.

Point of View :
As a Team, our first major breakthrough was actualized when we implemented HMIS (Hospital Information Management System) at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi, making it the First Hospital in Delhi to get computerized. Patient reservation, Patient Admission, Billing , Pharmacy, Inventory, Doctor management and much more were covered under this system.

Statement of the problem :
At that time IT was not that popular and commonly spread as it is today. The hospital was facing issue in managing the volume of transactions that they were encountering at that point in time. Calls for making reservations were not handled effectively. Process of admission on patient arrival were complicated and confusing at times leading to hassles. Managing doctors and generating bills at discharge time was also cause of concern.
All of the issues listed above were addressed effectively & commissioned successfully.

case study

Sectors :

  ●    Public Undertaking : We served, IAF, Indian Army, Indian Navy,Delhi University, KM College, north campus, Delhi. Out of all the services rendered in this arena, the education sector have been the most respectable one to mention.
  ●    ERP Shikshan : a complete campus management system deployed & running successfully since 2011 Takes care of Student admissions, Fees, Exam, Attendance, Human resource, Finance and other related functionalities. KMC was one of the few colleges where ERP is in action in true sense. Auto posting of data to required deptt and vice versa has been the most useful part of the system.
  ●    Private Sector : We have many valued clients who we served successfully, such as USHA, PWC (PMTS Project for ICAR), Hitachi, Deccan, YKK. However following is a special case to mention here.
  ●    Mahle MSP Project : Mahle is in the world’s top 20 largest suppliers & a development partner to the automotive industry, offering innovative mobility solutions that stand for clean air, fuel efficiency, and driving pleasure.

The main objective here was to automate the ‘Minimum Support Price’ process. As it was being done more or less manual, only the information was captured & kept in the Ms-word and Excel sheet document format.

The MSP (Minimum Support Price) is the process where the cost of the respective product is finalized based on the RFP given by the customer. There are various Departments and Management approvals for finalization of the cost of a product.

Startup :

  ●    Champ Cash : With millions of users from all across India as well as Bangladesh, the company has been pioneers in the field of affiliate marketing.
  ●    SME / MSME : Most of our products & services are aimed at this segment only, however Production planning & management process is something exciting to talk about.
  ●    Chanda Steel : was interested to setup it’s manufacturing system on digital platform in order to automate the process and save on costs effectively. Starting from order booking from it’s customers to the best order management and production planning to inventory control, everything is being put on system for betterment of efficiency.
  ●    International Project : Out of multiple International projects following is worth mentioning here.
  ●    Afghan Telecom : was keen to manage payroll system for their employees. HRMS from OITSPL not just covered their routine processes but also went ahead by aligning the system with their afghan calendar and Pashto language for better user’s experience.

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