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OITSPL has a sole purpose to improvise efficiency by setting up right systems in place Using latest tools and technology to make things easy & benefit the end user

Software Solutions for Doctors

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Software Solutions for Clinics

OITSPL policy is to make a smart move that hits the target for sure and brings the desirable results for the clients in time. More than 1600 customers are today satisfactorily using our services . Word of mouth is bringing repeat customers to us. Client as old as 1987 are still having faith in us and have been still using our services.

Trust is the most important factor, the way business is conducted at OITSPL. Each and every individual working at OITSPL is tuned with the same spirit & works with the real dedication to produce quality products and services. Culture of our team is to focus on what was committed to be delivered and do it professionally. The processes are well laid out in such a way that each event and action is performed well up to the satisfaction of the client. Errors and faults are handled in a professional manner and it is ensured it does not get repeated again. Complaint handling and escalation system for such things have also been defined for user’s convenience.

New Technologies have always been adapted efficiently, to see that the existing products match them or they are made compatible with the system at the earliest. 30+ years have thought us many lessons to give stable services to our valued clients.

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