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HRMS ( Human Resource Management System )

OITSPL offers it under the Brand name AUPRO HRMS Solution. The product allows organizations to automate processes and increase employee engagement. It brings multiple benefits for an organization, by reduction in the workload of the HR department, Enhancement in it’s efficiency thru regulating the HR processes, easy accessibility of HR information thru going digital. AUPRO not only enhances the decision making abilities of the management, but also does lots of cost savings, helping the HR department to form an integral part of strategy formation in an enterprise.

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Intranet and Social Collaboration Platform  

We at OITSPL understand the needs of an organization to grow. It becomes essential to build a strong database which will facilitate new employees and also the current employees to search the application for multiple information related to their use. Management on the other hand uses the same database to take Critical Business Decisions. It helps in capturing and organizing knowledge, which resides in many different places such as databases, knowledge bases, intellectual knowledge and the knowledge, which is distributed and hidden across the organization. AUPRO HRMS also reduces the repetition of the work by keeping the track of the needed information.

AUPRO HRMS suite seamlessly integrates as a set of social collaboration capabilities enhancing the productivity and help build a closer organisation. It has many features like Profiles, Communities, and Blogs which are a great asset for people views and collaborative discussions.

Employee Management :

This module allows organization to maintain a centralized repository of all their employees. Today, it’s very important for the organization to not only store the employee related information but also ensure that information is only accessible to authorized users.

●    Dynamic addition of employees
●    Viewing historical information with one click.
●    Reporting by filtering employees on multiple criteria such as ‘Qualification’, ‘Experience’, ‘Joining Date’ etc.

Recruitment Process

Leave and Attendance

This part provides the organization an approval system of applying a leave request. Leave profile of each employee is maintained which is customizable as per the organization requirements. It keeps the records of the entire leave as per the organization’s policy.

As per the system flow an employee fills the information and submits the leave request which reaches to the concerned person defined in the workflow hierarchy for approval. The approval authority either accepts or cancels the request with the detailed reason for the same on the system itself. Then it gets forwarded to the HR department or HR Helpdesk for further processing of the leaves records and the database is updated accordingly. The employee can also request for cancellation /extension / of a processed records. However, at each stage they will be notified via email.

Travel and Expense Management

Travel Management process provides the organization the approval process of travel request and its expense reimbursement. Under the general process a user files a travel request which is automatically forwarded to the preset superior as per the structured system. The Superior checks the travel request and then approves, rejects or returns the request to the employee for corrections.

After the trip, the employee enters the trip details into the system. The expense department then validates the employee's trip details. If the trip details are consistent with the original request, they are forwarded to the superior for approval. The superior can reject the reimbursement, send the trip details back to the employee for re-edit or simply approve the reimbursement of expenses.

Appraisal Management

Performance Review process provides HR managers with a facility to set periodic review cycles for employees based on company defined competency sets. The review cycle allows managers, employees and additional reviewers to review employee performance based on criteria for the employee's job requirements.


Training Management 

The system consists of the complete workflow starting from the training requisition needs till the completion process. The main features are

  ●    Create training courses  
  ●    Communicate the schedules and course details  
  ●    Identify Training needs  
  ●    Assign trainers and venues and generate related correspondence  
  ●    In-house and Out-House Training  
  ●    Track training Costs and Feedback Details 

Payroll Management 

The Payroll process is the complete Payroll solution with complete functionality to handle any size of organization's Payroll processing needs. The application is Web Enabled and can be accessed by Web Browser. The main features are

Features – Human Resources 
  ●    Comprehensive Employee Information including Previous Employment 
  ●    User Defined Formula for each earning and deduction code 
  ●    Monthly Payroll Transactions
  ●    Arrears Calculations and Leave regularization 
  ●    Time and Attendance 
  ●    Full and Final Settlement 
  ●    Comprehensive Reports of employees and Salary Master Data 
  ●    Mass E- Mail of Pay slips 

Features – Finance 
  ●    Monthly Challans
  ●    Quarterly/ Yearly e- TDS returns in NSDL Format   
  ●    Automatic TDS Calculation with option of manually interface
  ●    Parameter driven Income Tax Calculations
  ●    Online Declaration Forms  
  ●    Loans and Advance Tracking 
  ●    Easy Integration with existing ERP / Financial Accounting 
  ●    Perquisite 
  ●    Projected Tax View for all employees 

Features - Statuary Compliances 
  ●    Form 16, eTDS Returns 24 Q and Income Tax ITNS Challan
  ●    Provident Fund Challans. 
  ●    ESI Challans
  ●    Professional Tax 

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